Geek Weekly Review

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Geek Weekly Review

This week we live streamed our meeting on YouTube for people who may be having audio issues, and also to have as a recap for anyone who couldn’t make it. Check it out:

We followed the general outline below…

Interesting News:

State of the viewer:
Current staging viewer is 2b50… More bugfixes.

10 question trivia:

  1. 1980’s video  game: The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES, was originally known by what name?
    • The Famicom (short for Family Computer)
  2. Lord of the Rings: Legolas hails from what forest?
    • Mirkwood Forest
  3. Star Trek TOS: What fertile, furry creature absolutely hated Klingons?
    • The menace of Deep Space station K7, Tribbles, would give out a shrill noise when nearby Klingons.
  4. Captain Marvel: Who created the Marvel incarnation of Captain Marvel?
    • Stan Lee
  5. Whedonverse: “Sorry to barge in. I’m afraid we have a slight apocalypse.”
    • Rupert Giles
  6. Classic Board Games: What are the two types of cards you can draw in Monopoly?
    • Chance and Community Chest
  7. Game of Thrones: What was Catelyn Stark’s maiden name?
    • Tully
  8. Star Wars: A New Hope: What country stood in for Tatoonie?
    • Tunisia
  9. 1950’s Sci-Fi Movies: John Carpenter’s 1982 The Thing was a remake of what 1951 film?
    • The Thing from Another World based on the novella, “Who Goes There” by John W. Campbell
  10. Physics: What is the highest attainable speed in the universe?
    • The speed of light. Approximately 300 Million meters per second

Show and Tell:
                What are people working on? Doesn’t have to be SS related. Realworld or virtual. Any cool places you’ve discovered here in SS? We discovered you can wake google assistant by saying “hey goauld”.

Future events:
                Book club, first book to be “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)”. We’re going to meet here at localhost, on the last Friday of every month at 7pm PST. Link to Goodreads page for “We Are Legion”:

Something for you to share:

  • Three truths and a lie – Share four facts about yourself, three true, and one false. We all have to guess which one is false.