Geek Weekly Review

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Geek Weekly Review

Check out the recap of the Geek Weekly meetup, live streamed to YouTube below. Our camera man was stable this week and we had a decent turnout. Lot’s of great geeky conversation as always. A summary of the meeting can be viewed below the video.

Interesting News:

State of the viewer:
Current staging viewer is 2b53…errr… 2b54 is downloaded…listed as 2b53… Looks like bug fixes, plus a new bug affecting browser surfaces.
Current preview viewer is 2b52.

10 question trivia:

  1. 1980’s video  game: Created by animator Don Bluth, what laserdisc-based arcade game was released in 1983?
    1. Dragon’s Lair. The animator’s company would also release Dragon’s Lair II and Space Ace using similar technology.
  2. Lord of the Rings: What creature did Gandalf say could not pass?
    1. The Balrog
  3. Star Trek TOS: The Enterprise’s two main weapons are what?
    1. Phasers and Photon Torpedoes.
  4. Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers was introduced as the love interest to which hero?
    1. Mar-Vell, Marvel’s first Captain Marvel
  5. Whedonverse: “Well, as vampires go, you’re pretty cuddly. Maybe you might want to think about mixing up the black-on-black a little, though.”
    1. Cordelia
  6. Classic Board Games: What board game was turned into a movie starring Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and Madeline Kahn?
    1. Clue or Cluedo
  7. Game of Thrones: Khal Drogo is a leader of what people?
    1. The Dothraki
  8. Star Wars: A New Hope: Which actor was not credited in the initial release of the film?
    1. James Earl Jones asked to have his name omitted from the credits. It would later be added for the special release
  9. 1950’s Sci-Fi Movies: Remade in 1978, what 1956 film gave rise to the term “Pod People”?
    1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  10. Physics: Who created the Theory of Relativity?
    1. Albert Einstein

Show and Tell:
What are people working on? Doesn’t have to be SS related. Real world or virtual. Any cool places you’ve discovered here in SS?

Something for you to share:
What was the highlight of your week?